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FLOAT TUBE FISHING FORUM » Fishing Tactics, Tackle, and reviews » Float Tubes, Pontoons, and Equipment Reviews » XPW 239 and XPW 240 Test and Review's

XPW 239 and XPW 240 Test and Review's

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1 XPW 239 and XPW 240 Test and Review's on Tue Jul 03, 2018 8:31 pm


So let us just get right down to it, people are asking what I think of these 2 boats.  I will start by saying once again you get what you pay for, and to that these boats live up to that.  I think cost is an issue for some and the XPW 239 at $800 and the XPW 240 at $1300 is steep.  

Here is the difference from the $200 to $400 float tube to the $1000+ as I see.  These hybrid boats are top quality, made of high-quality PVC with Glud and heat pressed seams to make them nearly indestructible.

Let's talk about the XPW 239 this boats is not what we are used to using, and the closest examples would be the Water Master Boat.  This Maxxon boat is a well-constructed boat with a cargo net to allow you to store a lot in the back.  It comes with a removable seat, and apron, one tackle pack, a pump, and a set of oar' as well.  All of this packs down and into a backpack to pack into your favorite fishing spot at only 36 pounds.  On the water, this boat is a great all around boat that works in all kinds of situations.  Andrea was the first to test it (a float tuber from Italia) his initial words were very comfortable and stable.  He felt it was very easy to maneuver and once I got in it I had to agree as well, it struck me as very easy to move around.  It is a little odd stepping into the tube, but it is easier than they older doughnut tubes.  The XPW 239 lists for $799 and while it might not be right for everyone it does stand out in overall quilty and I think if you give it a shot you will be pleasantly surprised.

XPW 239
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The XPW 240 this is the boat that initially caught my eye. The test ride was in Newport Harbor, and I think it passed the test. First off this boat at 40 lbs, really is on the lighter side as it has built-in handles that allow you to pick it up and move it to the water very simply. Once at the water, it was a quick kick and I was off and gliding through the harbor with easy. It hands moving water very well and I think sits very flat on the water (meaning neither the from or back of the boat dig under the water). It stays flat on the water whether rowing or kicking. I also can say it is very maneuverable and can be moved through tight spaces with ease.

This boat comes with a motor mount, removable seat, 2 oar's, apron and 2 tackle bags and list for $1299. Again being made of high-quality PVC this boat is pretty indestructible so you know it will last for years to come. I am sure once you see it and maybe take it out for a ride you will see like I see the quality and benefit of the XPW 240.

XPW 240
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I am sure there are questions, and I know people would like for me to compare it to Seven Bass, so ask away lets discuss this for all to see.

Matthew 4:19 Fisher of Men
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