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FLOAT TUBE FISHING FORUM » U.S. Post and Topics » CA Float Tubers » Practice is the shortcut to skills. There is no shortcut to experience....

Practice is the shortcut to skills. There is no shortcut to experience....

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FTFF Member
FTFF Member
I wrote those words another lifetime ago.... and each time I'm on the water, they become truer, still.

Today was my first time in Alamitos bay - what can be best described as my home waters (literally 5 - 6 minutes from my house)  Been wanting to get in for awhile, but didn't know where to start... enter SP Dan.

Some days you are just a klutz
I had a pretty productive day today, despite it being Kenny and the Clustry Day...  It seemed to be one CF after another today - and I still managed to grind through and bring in almost 30.

* GoPro fired up great and synched to phone flawlessly at launch. I shut 'er down and fished.  Daylight, went to fire up... wouldn't synch.... so while Dan is catching, I'm messing around with my tech.... ugh.

* A boat with clueless driver ran across one of my lines... if it was only a line cut it would have been merciful.  My braid became a brillo pad about 50 or 60 feet out...ugh

* A hasty cast to keep something in the water... huge birdsnest on one of the Bait Casting reels(been throwing a 1/4 oz...moved to a 3/8 oz and well, nest....)

* Couldn't tease out the nest - so had to pull the spool (while moored to a bouy in the middle of the main channel right near the entrance....)

So now I have two of 3 rigs out of commish.... it literally took me 40 minutes (one rig 3 tries) to tie on new leaders, baits, reassemble and get my groove back.  While Dan is catching, I'm messing with my rigs....

Oh, lets not forget:

* Casting over a sign... snap off HUB.  Stuck on the bottom... snap off HUB (2 times).  Fish takes me round a mussel-encrusted concrete pylon... snap off HUB.  Bad knot, set hook...snap off HUB (2 times).  I think I lost at least 5 or 6 today.... ugh  While Dan is catching, I'm retying....

Are you detecting a theme emerging?  I deal with my multiple CFs, and SP Dan slays fish.   Sad

The very good news... I didn't cut, poke, jab, stab, slice, lacerate, abrade or stick a finger with a spine, hook or tooth to the point of bleeding today.  So my fish handling is improving. Which is nice.

*Oh yeah.... on the way in, was swapping rods in the holders.  My Phenix Recon Elite and Shimano Citica rig was chicken-winged under my arm while I re-positioned the heavy rig....  Got the strike of a lifetime that literally pulled the rod and reel out from under my wing and into the drink. I kicked out for it, I cast over it... but it was gone on a Nantucket Sleigh Ride with some keeper halibut or something....  Active Rods on a tube have two places:  Rod holder and your hand. I've been doing this for decades.  I know this. I'm careful.  Today was the day I could not get out of my own way.   I blew it and it cost me.  Quite a bit.   Rolling Eyes

The Gear Section

a) 6'-9" Phenix spinning rod with the new Daiwa Tatula LT-1000 Spinning reel.   Filled with 10# PowerPro braid (Aqua green) and 7.3# Seaguar Flouro.  Fished with 1/8 oz HUB in the early hours, switched to 1/4 oz after about 8:00 AM or so.  I like how this casts, I like how it fishes.  Caught a 14" Sand Bass on this rig today (among some other dinks)...  very nice.  A good addition to the paddock.

What I learned

* I remembered to bring a couple of spools of Flouro onto the tube.  Needed leaders today!

* The Humminbird Helix 5 GPS flat out rocks.  I love that thing.  And I'm blow away that I turned it on when I launched and turned if off when I beached - 7 hours+ later.  That 5Ah batt is amazing... Can't believe it was still rocking at 7 hours of max brightness.

* I'm keeping the HUBs in their original packages, and grouped by size (3/8, 1/4, 1/Cool in gallon Zip Lock bags, and its working for me. (Outcast tubes have so little storage room, this is the best solution for now)

* Added back my dry bags.  The trunk in an Outcast tube is wet storage... when it gets warm, the jacket has to come off... last time I used it as a lumbar support.  This time, into the dry bag...

* Last trip I dehydrated via 'the rainbow' - this time the gatorade bottle.  The former is more fun in a junior high kinda way, the latter is how the grown ups seek relief.

* I stocked up on HUBs between trips.  Good thing I did... I was losing them left and right today... ugh

* Today I went light - on 2 of the 3 rigs I had the Seaguar 7.3# Flouro.  The fish in Alamitos were noticeably smaller, by and not-so-large, than in HH.  So going light was great.  Also - the water was pretty clear... I'm quite convinced going light helped me grind out fish as the day wore on.

Notes for next trip

* Get to the park onto the grass and work on casting that 3/8 HUB without backlash. Crimany....

* Install rod holder on right side of tube... will make some tight spaces easier to get into

* Bring a snack...marathon sessions like this would be better with some on-water grub

* As I continue to pimp out the Enterprise, I'm now risking not being able to be a one-take-jake.... necessitating multiple trips to and from the launch.  This will not stand, man.  I have an idea for the next trip to make this easier.

So much good stuff.  I remain especially grateful to my 'guide' SPDan.  

Lets do this again....  Soon, please.

No GP Video...  because I'm a spaz.   But Dan did get this shot of me, which pretty much says it all.


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Well you got some fish and a new "experience" or two to highlight your day.
Bummer on losing the rod.

Thanks for sharing.

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SP Dan

You are wise in your ways Ken,

Practice ... is a huge part of the journey on the road toward knowledge .... indeed.
If one chooses to do the shortcut ... then one misses out on much of what the journey was about ... the experience ... which leads toward personal growth and knowledge.

Gear can always be replaced ... knowledge is PRICELESS.   Cool

PS ... If you elect ... I have a real nice extra rod/reel set up that you may borrow until you can replace your lost gear. LMK

SP Dan     <"))><

Four out of the five voices that I hear in my head tell me to .... "go for it"!!!  cheers

"Obsessive Compulsive Fishing Disorder"!

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