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FLOAT TUBE FISHING FORUM » U.S. Post and Topics » CA Float Tubers » Where to go for float tube fishing - Queensway Bay

Where to go for float tube fishing - Queensway Bay

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Ornery Bob

One of my viewers asked me to do a video about launching out of SouthShore Launch ramp and fishing Queensway Bay, so I put this video together to introduce people to this location.

For boaters, Queensway is a place you go through to get where you really want to be, but for 'yakers and float tubers, Queensway *is* the place you want to be and a great little "secret" spot.

What people tend to forget is that Queensway is an estuary - it's where the fresh water of the Los Angeles river meets the saltwater of the ocean and estuaries are fish magnets. They're spawning grounds and nurseries and just generally places with lots of fish doing lots of different things. The other thing people don't know about Queensway is that it's shallow. Most of it is 10 ft deep or less.

There are two major drawbacks to fishing Queensway. The first is the tides. You can't mess with the tides, especially at Queensway bridge. If you get caught trying to kick back to SouthShore launch ramp against a halfway strong outgoing tide, you're going to be in trouble. I only go to SouthShore when I can ride the out-going tide away from the ramp in the morning and then ride the in-coming tide back at noon. It's not a place to go without checking the tides.

The other major drawback is the boat traffic. The big boats like the Catalina Express are easy to avoid because they stay inside the channel marker buoys, so you know where they are going to be when you see them coming, but the recreational boaters go everywhere and so you have to stay aware of what's coming your way, especially if you get out into the flats where the real action is. Be careful, this is not a place for the oblivious.

But it is a place for fish and I think one of the least known and least appreciated spots out there.


Another great instructional!

Surf the tides to reach your destination and return.
Thanks for sharing.

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Another great tutorial vid Bob. Nice beans in your multi species catch.

Ornery Bob

Thanks guys!

I got surveyed by a girl from the DFW and she was amazed that I caught 8 different species that day. She said the usual is two or three.
Barred Sand Bass, Spotted Bay Bass, Mackerel, Yellow Fin Croaker, Queenfish, Corbina, Halibut, and Lizard Fish.

Definitely the most species I've ever caught in one day!

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