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FLOAT TUBE FISHING FORUM » Fishing Tactics, Tackle, and reviews » Fishing Tackle And Gear Related Discussions » Wader Skins a new idea what do you think?

Wader Skins a new idea what do you think?

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26 Re: Wader Skins a new idea what do you think? on Sun Aug 13, 2017 2:42 pm


Kobra...I think wearing Wader Skins™ under your breathable waders is overkill. You would choose to wear one or the other (either Wader Skins™ or waders). Wader Skins™ are made of 3-millimeter neoprene…with torso and legging sections, attached by Velcro. Think of Wader Skins™ as a convertible wetsuit that you can adapt to various water conditions depending on the coverage you need. We have worn Wader Skins™ in water temperatures as low as 38 degrees and been very comfortable for six hour stretches. As well, on hot days, we have just used the leggings to fish in small streams or while in pontoon boats when the outside temperature has been over 90 degrees. You can also pull down the top of the Wader Skins™ torso, so it comes down to about the waist for comfortable wading while fishing in cooler water during the heat of summer.

Wader Skins™ deliver a comfortable, warm and safe way to be in the water doing what you love.
The key here is safety. With Wader Skins, you never have to worry about tipping over or your waders filling with they function like a wet suit. Beyond fishing, Wader Skins™ are perfect for water sports like paddle boarding, kayaking, surfing, water skiing, wake boarding or jet skiing. If you were going to buy one product to support a wide array of aquatic activities, Wader Skins™ is a great choice.

If you are interested in buying Wader Skins™ Leggings only, I will be happy to sell them to you at the $99 price through the end of August (as promised). Since the Kick Starter Program has ended, you will need to order directly from me. Contact me on my personal e-mail ( or go to [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] for more information.

Ron Beltramo
Founder of Wader Skins™

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