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FLOAT TUBE FISHING FORUM » U.S. Post and Topics » CA Float Tubers » where to buy battery with charger for fish finder?

where to buy battery with charger for fish finder?

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does anyone know where to buy a battery with charger for a fish finder? i found some batteries on ebay but im not sure if the quality is good. i bought a used elite 3x lowrance fish finder. thank you in advance.


I would go to they might sell there battery and changer separate just a thought, the ones I have work very well.

Matthew 4:19 Fisher of Men
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Ornery Bob

You can buy the batteries and charger separately in the "Accessories" section:

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The main deal with batteries is SLA vs. Lithium - the SLA batteries are cheap, but they're heavy and have a limited duty life. You never want to run them down to less than half charged, so you should size them to double your need.

My finder draws 2.7W. To get the amp draw, you divide the Watts by the Volts, so .23 amps. My usual session maxes out at about 6 hours, so .23 X 6 = 1.38 then double that for SLR battery and so I would need about 3AH battery for my unit.

Lithiums can be drawn down more than 50% but it's still a good rule of thumb.

Lithium batteries have longer duty lives and are significantly lighter in weight, but they are expensive, so it's a trade off. You can pick up a decent SLA battery for under $20 but a similar Li battery is going to be in the $100 range, so it's a big difference.

Search the battery sites by voltage and amp hours - 12V 3AH - they all sell chargers too.

Places like Bass Pro Shops also sell battery and charger combinations, often for use with game cameras.

Nocqua makes a "water resistant" Li battery back for fishfinders, that comes with a charger, but it's very pricey.

I haven't found anyone making dedicated waterproof cases for these smaller SLA batteries, so I made mine from a Pelican waterproof tool case.

I know that other board members have posted about finders and batteries lately, so hopefully someone else can add their experiences.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes!

CPT Kirk

very useful thank you for sharing.


thank you everyone

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