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FLOAT TUBE FISHING FORUM » U.S. Post and Topics » Wisconsin Fishing Reports » Tooning the Rock River

Tooning the Rock River

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1 Tooning the Rock River on Mon Jul 04, 2016 9:18 pm


I'm starting a new thread as a follow-up to my scouting report on a three-mile stretch of the Rock River. This is Installment 1: Floating on the 4th of July.

The first stretch of river has a quarter-mile of rocky riffles at the put-in spot at a city park and then there is a calm stretch with a water treatment plant on one bank and the backside of a strip mall on the other.

I own two Classic Accessories Madison pontoons so today I pumped up both toons and invited a buddy to join me on the first of a series of float trips for this section of the Rock River. We launched at 1 p.m. and floated for 6 hours, but we focused most of our time and attention on the riffles where we found plenty of catfish and one bass to keep us busy.

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What's interesting about this section of river is that it is tough to access by boat or even a canoe or kayak because of all the rocks in very shallow water (about ankle to knee deep). The toons have such a shallow draft and bounce/slide over rocks well enough that they are the best mode of transportation besides just wading the river. We would float a bit, then anchor in place to check holes and eddies for fish. In the photo you can see that we used a simple rig to get the spinner and worm onto the river bottom. We snagged a lot of rocks, but the bullet sinkers saved us from break-offs and re-ties. We finally figured out that there was no need to cast and retrieve (which only resulted in snags), but we could simply let out 4-5 feet of line and gently raise the worms off the bottom almost under our toons. By keeping our feet and oars out of the water, the fish didn't seem to mind our presence on the surface. The water is stained and murky enough that the fish don't spook from what they can't see right above them.

On my next outing, I'll get some photos of the rocky riffles.  Happy 4th all.

2 Re: Tooning the Rock River on Mon Jul 04, 2016 10:10 pm


Happy fourth thanks for sharing, great to hear that the Pontoon handles the shallow rocks with out and issue. You know it has been brought up that we should more supportive of the Pontoon community. maybe it is time we look to supporting these style of tube as well.

Matthew 4:19

3 Re: Tooning the Rock River on Tue Jul 05, 2016 4:07 am


Hey Watertooner, nice report. Some of those pics you promised for the next trip would be great. I love exploration trips. So many fishermen get locked into their familiar waters and never venture out.

I am anxiously awaiting the next installment of 'Tooning the Rock River'! Thanx for the report!

4 Re: Tooning the Rock River on Tue Jul 05, 2016 7:29 am


I found one photo from yesterday that sort of shows the riffles. This water is only about ankle deep with pockets that drop to knee deep or waist deep. Kinda hard on the butt if one was to use a tube. What a Face

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5 Re: Tooning the Rock River on Tue Jul 05, 2016 9:24 am


That is so cool, awesome pic....thanks for sharing! and awesome to bring a buddy along! good job guys

Tony G Fishing

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