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trotlining from a tube

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1 trotlining from a tube on Sat May 30, 2015 6:29 pm


New FTFF Member
New FTFF Member
So I remember last year someone had asked about running a trotline in a float tube, well here is my experience. Set trotline first day, this was easy attached trotline to a concrete drain pump, had twenty drops on this set up (Muddy River trotline) ending with a small house brick to keep the whole thing on the bottom. Next day I go out to check the trotline I can taste catfish sandwiches at this point. I get to running the trotline. When I got to the tenth drop I feel a tug on the mainline I look over my shoulder and notice something swimming behind me so I move to the eleventh drop. when I arrive at the eleventh drop I see a very angry 14 inch ish snapping turtle swimming around hooked to the drop. I thought myself more of a man but I will admit that once it all snapped into place I froze for a second and watched as the turtle was attempting to bite the side of my Cumberland float tube (his head bounced off the tube before he had a chance to clamp down thankfully). So I dropped the mainline, the turtle immediately swam hell bent for the bottom which I am glad for because my fins and his head were get awfully close. My plan B was to rerun the trotline and hope to skip over the eleventh drop then make it to the end weight, untie the weight and an drag the rest of the trotline into shore. Upon reaching the eleventh drop I decided that dropping the mainline a second time was in my best interest. Plan C was to untie trotline from concrete drain pump and paddle the whole rig into shore turtle brick and all. the paddle was 100 yards fighting a brick and an angry snapping turtle that knew the score, somehow I got the trotline into shore without snagging the brick on anything or collapsing from overexertion . I Dispatched the turtle and Rebaited the trotline came back the next day no luck but some bait had disappeared. As I sit hear writing this account eating turtle stew one word comes to mind "SUCCESS". Next week I plan to put out the trotline again in a more catfishy location, the plan is to attach a float to the brick then when it is time to check the line I will raise the brick disconnect it from trotline, paddle the trotline into shore, check, re bait, and reset the trotline. P.S. I am glad my first copy got deleted while trying to upload a photo of the turtle this version is much better

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