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When fish attacks

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1 When fish attacks on Tue Jun 25, 2013 3:23 pm


Found a pretty interesting article. Thought some of you may enjoy reading:
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Anyone ever been attacked? lol, i got bitten a couple weeks ago after catching a small halibut off the float tube. As I tried to grab a hold of my hook, he bit me and I started bleeding. Lesson learned.. pliers are needed.

2 Re: When fish attacks on Wed Jun 26, 2013 1:01 am


hey guys, 
 Oddly enough I spent an afternoon one day about 15 years ago fishing for cuttlefish in the Adriatic Sea. ( I was on location ), and I must admit they are even more aggressive than the Humboldt Squid! These critters get PISSED!,.. and they just chomp away and squirm until they latch onto something!

  Anyways,.. I have been bitten by countless fish (and in fact, I have been almost castrated and blinded as well by fish!) and considering the danger of some of the fish we encounter, here is my list of the most dangerous...

  1) ANY SHARK YOU BRING ON BOARD!! that's why I try not to...ever...

NOTE: of all the sharks brought on board, that are to my mind, dangerous, the California Angel Shark is by far THE!! most dangerous. (discounting of course that you are not stupid enough to bring a live Mako, White or Tiger on board).

  2) Halibut, this fish goes absolutely nuts when you put him on deck, and they have really nasty teeth! I have seen more bad bites from this fish than any other!

  3) California Electric Ray,... Taser with fins!!! Extremely dangerous!!!! this one can actually kill you. Ok,.. it actually doesn't bite you but.....

  4) any sting ray... that's why they call them sting rays!!!  Duh!! (again, no bite but...)

  5) California Sculpin,... there's a reason we call them "RattleSnake"'s (again these fish are not about "biting" but just about being dangerous)

  6) Ling Cod, although not offensively aggressive, if you are not careful they can be seriously dangerous.

  7) Billfish... a fish with a pointy stick for an upper jaw.... nuff said!!

  Cool OK,... so far it's been all salt water fish, so now as far as fresh water fish are concerned,... the one fish that consistently bites me and draws blood, ..... Channel catfish,.. No seriously, these guys get pissed and will clamp down on you and not let go! 

    I have horror stories for each one of these fish, some of them quite serious,... most kinda funny....

   Hee Hee!!   bodfish

3 Re: When fish attacks on Wed Jun 26, 2013 2:39 pm


Thanks for the awesome read! lol - it was very educational so thanks for the tips. I am still learning my salt water fishes. I've fished freshwater all my life and just started really fishing the salt a couple weeks ago (freshwater getting a bit expensive). So far I've caught a bunch of seabass and that one halibut that bit me. Seriously, you could hear the crunch when he bit into my finger. I don't think I'll ever venture off far into the ocean because I'm pretty scared of sharks. I'll stick to the bay area where my chances to encounter with a shark will be less likely. How would you handle a sting ray from a float tube? And yes, I agree. Channel catfish has drawn blood from me and my brothers before as well.

4 Re: When fish attacks on Sat Jun 29, 2013 12:58 pm


hey there mightyminnow,
  Fortunately for us most of the commonly caught "rays" on this coast are actually skates. So they lack the poisonous stinging barb. (Check out the net for the physiological differences of our coastal species so that you can distinguish between the two.) For the most part Rays have long skinny tails with the stinging spine on top and near where the tail meets the body. Skates have thicker lobed tails. But they do have extremely sharp cartilaginous spiked protrusions along the top of their tails and just above their eyes. These things will cut you, and your toob. My advice is to net them to control them and then cut your line as close to the hookset as possible, and release. Don't bring them onboard if you can help it.


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