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FLOAT TUBE FISHING FORUM » Float Tubes, Pontoons and Related Equipment Discussions » Float Tube, Pontoon, and Equipment Related Discussions » Does anyone on the NE coast float tube in salt water?

Does anyone on the NE coast float tube in salt water?

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Tim Murphy

Dear Board,

I know that a lot of the guys from CA on this board float tube in bays and harbors along the CA coast.  I won't be going to CA anytime soon so I was wondering if there are any folks from the NE US that float tube in the salt?

I'm thinking of picking up a Creek Company Voyager 1 man boat today and I was wondering if it would be worth taking with me on vacation to the Delaware shore?  If I take it I will be putting into Indian River Bay if that matters?  I was thinking maybe I could use it to fish some of the smaller channels and cuts between some of the islands and grass beds on the northern end of the bay?

I know that in CA there is a much greater variety of inshore fish to target.  You guys have a lot of different saltwater perches and bass but I'd be fishing primarily for flounder and the oddball schoolie striper or stray bluefish.

Thanks in advance,

Tim Murphy
Harrisburg, PA Very Happy


Old Timer
Old Timer
Hi Tim. It's great that you're chiming in for the NE Coast. Make sure to do a few things before taking your tube with you:

What's the tide conditions along the shore lines, and the bays. Same with the Indian River, especially on the flow rates. Based on the conditions, you may be doing more rowing than fishing. If the condition is calm, slightly choppy, or even a bit of rowing required to maintain stability, fishing is still optimal.

The Voyager, if you have no issue using in the freshwater, it can be used in saltwater. It's all about how much stamina to handle the unseen conditions when they arise. We have plenty of conditions of saltwater mimicking the freshwater bodies, primarily the wind factor, which capsize the boats. Rapids, not too much. Crazy boaters, plenty of that.

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