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FLOAT TUBE FISHING FORUM » U.S. Post and Topics » Nevada Float Tubing » Five Different South Central Utah and North Eastern Nevada Lakes in Four Days.

Five Different South Central Utah and North Eastern Nevada Lakes in Four Days.

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Here's a link to my latest video. Highlights from the following high mountain lakes:

Tushar Mountains in the Fish Lake National Forest in Utah

LaBaron Reservoir - Elevation 9,900 ft. Rainbows and Brook Trout
Anderson Meadow Reservoir - Elevation 9,000 ft. Rainbows and Brook Trout
Upper Kent's Lake - Elevation 8,800 ft. Bonneville Cutthroat Trout

Dixie National Forest in Utah
Pine Lake - Elevation 8,300 ft. Rainbow Trout

Northeastern Nevada
Cave Lake - Elevation 7,300 ft. Rainbows and Brown Trout

This video shows me accomplishing a first for me - A Trout Grand Slam - All four of the above species caught in the same day!

There is also a lot of goofing around with my ten and twelve-year-old daughters who were with me on this trip and took most of the photos while I was busy fishing.

I hope you enjoy it.


Old Timer
Old Timer
wtg, looks like some very nice places. nice video too but sheesh, its a long video lol!


I was worried about the length of this one too. Originally, I was thinking about making a video for each lake, but I didn't really have enough footage at Upper Kent's Lake or Pine Lake to justify it.

I usually try to keep all my videos less than 15 min., but I wanted to include some of the funny stuff for my parents to see (they live in upstate NY and haven't seen the kids in two years). Even so, I cut out so much more. This video was more "family fun" than a "fishing report", but the locations are definitely worth checking out.

There are several more lakes that I want to fish the next time I'm up that way (probably not until next Summer). All of these lakes are worth fishing again too. If I had my way, I'd be up in those mountains from June to September.

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